LagPlugin Plugin 1.7.2

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The LagPlugin is a simple plugin that allows you to monitor your servers memory consumption (Only of the Memory available to Java) quickly and efficently, using Java’s built in Runtime class. Typing in /lag will show you a comprehendable two percentages, one of the free memory, one of the used memory. If you notice that your server is lagging a bit, then quickly type in /gc, and using Java’s default garbage collector, your servers memory consumption will decrease. If your servers memory consumption reaches greater than 85%, a warning is sent out to all OP’s that the server may need a cleanup. This plugin is designed to be efficent, and simple to use for server’s with low memory or servers attempting to keep that Vanilla Minecraft feel. As of 1.2 BETA, DMM (Dynamic Memory Management) has been added in, and is toggleable through a new configuration file! PS: If updating from V1.4 to V1.5 or higher, please DELETE your config, and allow the plugin to regenerate its configuration files.


  • /lag: Shows the Lag Consumption in an easy to understand percentage
  • /gc: Runs Java’s Garbage Cleanup services to free up some memory


  • /lag dynamic: Toggle DMM (Dynamic Memory Management) in game (V1.3)
  • /lag lightning: Toggle anti-lightning (V1.5)


  • /lag: lag.lag
  • /gc: lag.gc





Configuration Markup

Configuration Variables are used as this: X:Y, X being the option, Y being the value THIS IS CASE-SENSITIVE

Available Variables

dynamic: Whether or not LagPlugin will dynamically monitor and clean your servers memory management (“on”, or “off”)

dynamictime: The time in milleseconds between each Garbage Cleanup if dynamic:on (Default: 10000 (10 seconds))

stoplightning: Whether or not LagPlugin will cancel any lightning strikes on the server (“on”, or “off”)


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LagPlugin Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: Einstein12345