KitBattle Plugin 1.7.2

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KitBattle is a kitpvp plugin, allowing players to have fair fights and enjoy the awesome kits and abilities, using soup will allow the player to last much longer in the fights, people can either fight each other or team, teaming does a huge different and might be not fair!

KitBattle-0.6 is out and waiting Approval:


  • Soup gives 3.5 hearts
  • Configurable kit prices
  • Tokens/Shop System for kits
  • Smart Shop/Kit Selector System
  • Kills/Death gets recorded!
  • Sponge Launch Players High!
  • Cant perform None-KitBattle commands while in-game
  • Arena protected from in-game players
  • Join/Leave/Stats signs
  • Scoreboards!
  • Kits ?


  • kitbattle.setspawn ? Sets the arena spawn!
  • kitbattle.reload ? Reloads the config!
  • kitbattle.addtokens ? Adds tokens for a player!
  • kitbattle.settokens ? Sets a player tokens
  • kitbattle.removetokens ? Takes tokens from a player!
  • kitbattle.setsigns ? Create Join/Leave/Stats signs!


Note: KitBattle can be replaced with kb

  • /kitbattle ? Main commands (Shows a list of commands)
  • /kitbattle join ? Joins the game
  • /kitbattle leave ? Leaves the game
  • /kitbattle reload ? Reloads config
  • /kitbattle info ? Shows info about the plugin
  • /kitbattle stats ? Shows your stats
  • /kitbattle kits ? Opens up a inventory with kits you have
  • /kitbattle shop ? Opens up a inventory with kits you can buy
  • /kitbattle tokens ? Add/Remove/Set players tokens!
  • /kitbattle setspawn ? Sets the arena spawn

Creating Join/Leave/Stats Signs

Join Signs:

  • Line 1 ? kitbattle
  • Line 2 ? join
  • Example:

Leave Signs:

  • Line 1 ? kitbattle
  • Line 2 ? leave

Stats Signs:

  • Line 1 ? kitbattle
  • Line 2 ? stats

Required Plugins

None, but world guard is recommended for arena protection from none ingame players


  • Put KitBattle.jar in the /plugins folder
  • Add the permissions
  • start/restart/reload your server. (Reload with /reload)
  • A file named config.yml appears in the /plugins/KitBattle folder.
  • Open it, and there you can change the kitprices/cooldowns.
  • Reload the config with /kitbattle reload
  • Have fun


  • PvP, Archer, Pyro, Stomper, Kangaroo, EnderMage, Fisherman, Bomber, Switcher, Thor (0.6v)

Planned Features

  • Dropped bowls will be removed after 1 second of the drop! Done in Version 0.6
  • Please post if you want to see any of the Planned features! its all up to you guys!

Known Bugs

  • None for now! :O


Im sorry for any grammar mistakes! im not english.

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Credits: Wazup922