JusSuperJump Plugin 1.6.4

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is an plugin that allows players to Double Jump. If a player has joint the server he get the super jump ability. if you jump your getting a sound, and an effect!

Warning This plugin is not using an Jump Potion or Another potion, so it isnt gone when you die!

If you’re in creative, the plugin does not work only if the player is in survival or adventure. This plugin Supports PermissionsEX and bPermissions

if you have another jump plugin, it can be fixit

CAUTION If you set a players gamemode from creative to survival, the fly from the players has been lost! Give it them again. The player has getting fly when they join! so you dont have to set every fly!

Whats in the plugin?

  • Effects if you jump
  • Sounds if you jump
  • Message if you jump

How to install?

Download it and place the plugin in your plugins folder and reload/rerstart your server! The plugin should work ?

Permission Info
double.jumper (Gives a player the SuperJump)
double.help (shows the info page from the plugin)
double.reload (permissions for reload the plugin)
Commands Info
/djhelp (shows the plugin info)
/djreload (reloads the plugin


  • Edit the jump height
  • Edit the jump Lenght
  • Extra commands
  • Extra permissions
  • Edit the Sounds
  • Edit the Effects
  • Edit the message
  • Create config file

If there is any problem with the plugin? leave an comment, i will help you and fiks it!

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Credits: jusjus112