JumpBattle Plugin 1.6.4

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JumpBattle is a minigame or pvp plugin. You jump very high and run fast and battle with other players! I am sure you would have fun! ?

News in the last version(1.1)

  • + You can now add unlimited arenas
  • + Added the lobby
  • + Bug fixed (When an player leavs the game in an arena and the server restarts he lost his items)
  • + New Command: /jb banlist ? List all banned Players ? Permission: jb.banlist
  • + New Command: /jb setlobby ? Set the lobby ? Permission: jb.setlobby
  • + Command changed: /jb setjoin <arena> ? Create a new arena ? Permission: jb.setjoin
  • + New Command: /jb remove <arena> ? Remove an arena ? Permission: jb.remove
  • + Anti-Griefing: You can put disable-grief on true and the players can’t destroy blocks when they are playing JumpBattle (So you now would not need anymore to protect your arena with another plugin)


  • Disable griefing in the config! (no more needing to make an region)
  • Lobby with join-signs!
  • simple setup
  • All commands disabled in the game -> No Cheating or teleporting!
  • Permissions
  • No bugs found!
  • A player is unfair? No problem! kick or ban him from JumpBattle!
  • Auto-respawn after death
  • enable/disable that players can pickup or drop items
  • Configureable messages
  • A lot of more things! Check it out!
  • A lot of fun ?


  • /jb setlobby ? Set the lobby
  • /jb setjoin <arena> ? Create a new arena and set the join-point for it.
  • /jb join ? Join JumpBattle
  • /jb listarenas ? List all created arenas
  • /jb remove <arena> ? Remove an arena
  • /jb leave ? Leave JumpBattle
  • /jb reload ? Reload the config
  • /jb ban <player> ? Ban a player from JumpBattle
  • /jb unban <player> ? Unban a player from JumpBattle
  • /jb banlist ? list all banned players
  • /jb kick <player> ? Kick a player from JumpBattle
  • /jb list ? List all players (who are playing JumpBattle)
  • To see all the commands in the game simply write /jb


  • /jb setlobby ? jb.setlobby
  • /jb setjoin ? jb.setjoin
  • /jb remove <arena> ? jb.remove
  • /jb join ? jb.join
  • /jb listarenas ? jb.listarenas
  • /jb banlist ? jb.banlist
  • /jb leave ? If you have the permission for /jb join, you can also leave! ;-D
  • /jb reload ? jb.reload
  • /jb ban <player> ? jb.ban
  • /jb unban <player> ? If you can ban, you also can unban! (The same permission)
  • /jb kick <player> ? jb.kick
  • /jb list ? jb.list


Since v1.1:

  1. Build a nice arena (the arena must be high enough! :D)
  2. Build an lobby where the players can select an arena
  3. Because the plugin works without regions, you must only set the loby with /jb setlobby
  4. That go to a place in your arena and type /jb setjoin <arenaName>
  5. Ho back to your lobby and place Join-Signs. They must look like this:
  • 1. Line: [JumpBattle]
  • 2. Line: Click to
  • 3. Line: join!
  • 4. Line: ArenaName <- There must be the name of your arena
  1. Join with /jb join click on a join-sign and have fun!
  • NOTE: Because this plugin doesn’t protect the arena, you must use an protection-plugin likeWorldGuard (requires WorldEdit) and protect the arena, else players can destroy the blocks.Since v1.1: You can put disable-grief to true in the Config and so players can NOT destroy blocks anymore!!


  1. Download JumpBattle.jar and put it into the folder “plugins“.
  2. Start/Restart/reload your server (Reload with /reload) -> Now a folder with the name “JumpBattle” appears in your plugin-folder.
  3. In this folder you find two files: players.yml and config.yml. No open the file config.yml and edit it how you want. (This is the Configuration-file)
  4. Now, if you changed something in the config, you can reload your server or simply the config with /jb reload
  5. Have fun!
    • NOTE: Don’t worry, if there is no players.yml in the folder JumpBattle! It generates after you playerd JumpBattle the first time! And you have NOT to change something inside players.yml!!! (else the plugin doesn’t work!!!)


  • Add possibility to create more than one arena ? (v1.1)
  • Add a command to list all banned players (You can see them now only in the config) ? (v1.1)
  • implement a lobby where you can choose an arena (Join-Signs) ? (v1.1)
  • Add a scoreboard (Cooming in the next version)
  • Count your kills per round (Cooming in the next version)
  • Make the kits configureable (The items a player becomes in JumpBattle) (Cooming in the next version)
  • Make it possible to configure more things in the config.yml (Cooming in every version ? )
  • Add more crazy things (You will be surprised ? ) (Cooming in every version ? )
  • Implement all your ideas! (so far it is possible for me ? )

So, write all your ideas in the comments! I will try to release them.

Have fun!

EDIT: Sorry for my verry bad english! ?

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Credits: MineChamp, DevMonkey