jProtection Plugin 1.6.4

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? Have you ever wanted mcpvp’s spawn protection plugin!? This plugin makes that possible! Set the spawn with /setspawn. Spawn is automatically protected from people placing and removing blocks unless they have the right permissions. Set the border of where /setspawn is. So if you set it to 10, Example: 0, 0, 0 would make the borders 10, 0, 0 and 0, 0, 10. Do not mess with anything other than World: and Border: in the config or you can mess things up!


By JoJolinul


jProtect.canBuild ? Allow the players with this permission to place blocks in spawn.

jProtect.canBreak ? Allow the players with this permission to break blocks in spawn.

jProtect.spawn ? Allow the players with this permission to use /spawn.

jProtect.BordBy ? Allow players with this permission to bypass the set world border!

Installation/Setup- Download Plugin:

? Put in plugins folder of server

? Start up server

? You now have mcpvp’s spawn protection plugin!

? Done ?

Default Config

Border: 20
WholeWorldBorder: 20
World: world
LostMSG: '&7You have lost spawn protection.'
RegainMSG: '&7You have regained spawn protection.'
WorldBorderMSG: '&cYou may not cross the world border!'
WarpCancelMSG: '&7Warp cancelled!'
NearbyMSG: '&7Someone is nearby, please wait 10 seconds to be warped.'
X: 0 # Don't mess with anything down here! You will mess up the plugin!
Y: 69
Z: 0
yaw: 0
pitch: 0
ResetConfig: true
Test: true


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Credits: MayoDwarf