Java’s Redstone World Map for MCPE

Updated: Aug 9, 2016 | 608 views |

Java’s Redstone World is an underground base with lots of different redstone creations and machines. It’s a perfect map to use for your next survival adventure if you don’t want to have to build an entire base from scratch. It includes many useful features like automated food farms, monsters farms and enough hidden staircases to easily get lost!

This is a crusher machine. In the center of the machine is a spider spawner. Water will force the spiders to be pushed to a certain location where they ultimately will get crushed by pistons. You can then climb down a ladder and pick up whatever they dropped.


This is a quite simple creation but nonetheless very useful. It’s a cooker. Put some coal in one chest, then some raw chicken in another and a few moments after you will have yourself a cooked chicken.


This melon and pumpkin farm is entirely automated. Open the chests and grab the food items.


This is a semi-automatic beetroot farm. Press a button to harvest them and then use the collected seeds to plant the seeds.


Here’s a hidden enchantment table which is only enabled if redstone is placed on a certain block.


There are several different “mining floors”. On these floors you can access tunnels which can be used for mining. Each separate tunnel is locked off by iron doors to make sure no monsters can enter the base.


It’s really easy to get lost in this map as there are so many different doors, hidden staircases and so on to explore. I really urge you to test it out for yourself as there are so much more to see!

Download links for Java’s Redstone World Map

Download from server 1

Download from server 2