JAMI Mod 1.6.4

JAMI Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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JAMI is responsible for creating a connected playing experience using multiple mods. As you see, many mod authors mean to allow other modders to extend some of their functionality, but lack the time to extend other mods’ functionality themselves. That’s why this mod is made to remedy this issue.

All the additions of this mod are done via modules such as Ars Magica 2, Biomes O’Plenty, Extra Utilities and so on.

For instance; with Industrial Craft 2, a machine will be added which grinds ores into dusts. Hope that you love this mod.

Supported Mods

  • Ars Magica 2
  • Biomes O’Plenty
  • Extra Utilities
  • Forestry
  • Highlands
  • Industrial Craft 2
  • Natura
  • Railcraft
  • SoulShards 2
  • Thaumcraft 4
  • Thermal Expansion 3
  • Tinkers’ Construct
  • Vanilla

If you have any suggestion or problems, feel free to send me a message.

JAMI is module based. Each module has his own configuration categorie in the config file. If one or more requirement for a module is false, the module is automatically disabled. (e.g. Missing Mod)

Currently implemented modules:

  • ArsMagica Facades
  • ArsMagica Multiparts
  • ArsMagica SoulShards
  • Biomes O’Plenty Facades
  • Biomes O’Plenty Macerator Recipes
  • Biomes O’Plenty Multiparts
  • Biomes O’Plenty Pulverizer Recipes
  • Biomes O’Plenty SoulShards
  • ExtraUtilities Crucible Recipes
  • ExtraUtilities Facades
  • ExtraUtilities Smeltery Recipes
  • Forestry Multiparts
  • Highlands DyeFix
  • Highlands Multiparts
  • Highlands OreDictionary
  • IC2 Flower Macerator Recipes
  • IC2 HardenedClay Washer Recipes
  • Natura Fuel Handler
  • Natura SaplingsFix
  • Natura SoulShards
  • Natura Villager
  • Thaumcraft Cluster Smeltery Recipes
  • Thaumcraft Facades
  • Thaumcraft Multiparts
  • Thaumcraft SoulShards
  • ThermalExpansion Flower Pulverizer Recipes
  • ThermalExpansion Gem Pulverizer Recipes
  • ThermalExpansion HardenedClay Transposer Recipes
  • ThermalExpansion SoulShards
  • Tinkers’ Construct Advanced Smeltery Recipes
  • Tinkers’ Construct Aspects
  • Tinkers’ Construct Fuel Handler
  • Tinkers’ Construct Furnace Recipes
  • Tinkers’ Construct Macerator Recipes
  • Tinkers’ Construct Pulverizer Recipes
  • Tinkers’ Construct Rock Crusher Recipes
  • Tinkers’ Construct SoulShards
  • Vanilla Facades
  • Vanilla Multiparts
  • Vanilla Recipes

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