It’s Magic Plugin 1.7.2

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It’s Magic

The Plugin It’s Magic is a Magic plugin
You Need the WandMaker Plugin too To make this work:
if you do the command /wm getwand FirjenWand You’ll get a wand (You Need WandMaker Or this wont work)
If you then do /wm bind all you’ll have all the magic there is for that wand.
There’s currently alot Coming up so stay tuned for it.
Have Fun and Go play


  • No Configurations Needed
  • You can ask for a wand in Comments
  • Multiple wands Coming in V2
  • Fun

Commands and Permissions


  • wandmaker.getwand ? Allows you to do /wm getwand <wandname>.
  • wandmaker.bind ? Allows you to bind and unbind your wand.Commands:
  • /wm getwand <wandname>.
  • /wm bind all
  • /wm bind <spellname>
  • /wm unbind all
  • /wm unbind <spellname>


  • FirjenWand
  • TyksaWand
  • KraxWand
  • SummonerWand


Currently Theres none Configuration Because it simply doesnt need one


If you need support:
Or Pm me.
Or message it in the comments


  • Get more Coding knowledge
  • Make it more Awesome with new wands etc
  • Need more spells for wands

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Credits: tryhardcoder