iTicket Plugin 1.7.2

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This plugin is a the right for you because your members can create tickets about bugs on your server. So you can fix it an answer on the tickets.


  • Create a ticket
  • Show your open tickets
  • View all tickets
  • Delete one ticket
  • Delete all tickets
  • Show the count of tickets
  • Give an answer on a ticket
  • Show answers of your tickets


/createticket or /crtk -> Create a ticket.
/viewtickets or /vtk -> View all tickets.
/delticket <ticketname> or /deltk <ticketname> -> Delete one ticket.
/cleartickets or /cltk -> Delete all tickets.
/listtickets or /ltk -> Show the count of tickets.
/ticketanswer <ticketname> <message> or /awtk <ticketname> <message> -> Give an answer on a ticket.
/tickets or /tk -> Shows all open tickets of you.
/showanswer or /saw -> Shows the answers of yout tickets.


iTicket.* -> All rights for this plugin
iTicket.admin.* -> All admin rights for this plugin
iTicket.user.* -> All user rights for this plugin
iTicket.admin.cleartickets -> Gives access to clear all tickets.
iTicket.admin.delticket -> Gives access to delete one ticket.
iTicket.admin.viewtickets -> Gives access to show all tickets.
iTicket.admin.listticket -> Gives access to show the count of tickets.
iTicket.admin.answerticket -> Gives access to give answer to a ticket.
iTicket.user.createticket -> Gives access to create a ticket. -> Gives access to show your open tickets.
iTicket.user.showanser -> Gives access to show answers of your tickets.


Version 1.0
+implement all commands
+implement all permissions

iTicket Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: Own3r