ItemCondenser Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 467 views |

This plugin allows players to:

  • Easily convert raw materials directly into blocks, freeing up space (useful for mining expeditions)
  • Move items that are scattered throughout the inventory into a a single location
  • Open a portable crafting grid
  • Open a portable enchanting table
  • Open a portable furnace
  • Open a portable anvil
  • Open a portable brewing stand
  • Easily clear their entire inventory
  • Open a trash can to remove specific items


  • Condensing (/condense, /invcondense):
    Removes stacks of raw materials and replaces them with
    their equivalent in blocks
  • Crafting GUI (/craft, /invcraft):
    Opens a 3×3 crafting GUI
  • Enchanting GUI (/enchant, /invenchant):
    Opens a low-level enchanting GUI
  • Clear (/clear, /invclear):
    Clears the player’s inventory
  • Sorting (/sort, /invsort):
    Concentrates distributed items into a single stack for condensing
  • Smelting GUI (/smelt, /invsmelt):
    Opens a furnace GUI
  • Brewing GUI (/brew, /invbrew):
    Opens a brewing stand GUI
  • Anvil GUI (/repair, /invrepair):
    Opens an anvil GUI
  • Trash (/trash, /invtrash):
    Opens a temporary inventory for item removal


  • Condensing (/condense, /invcondense):
    Requires permissions node itemcondenser.condense
  • Crafting (/craft, /invcraft):
    Requires permissions node itemcondenser.craft
  • Enchanting (/enchant, /invenchant)
    Requires permissions node itemcondenser.enchant
  • Clear (/clear, /invclear):
    Requires permissions node itemcondenser.clear
  • Sorting (/sort, /invsort):
    Requires permissions node itemcondenesr.sort
  • Smelting (/smelt, /invsmelt):
    Requires permissions node itemcondenser.smelt
  • Brewing (/brew, /invbrew):
    Requires permissions node itemcondenser.brew
  • Repair (/repair, /invrepair):
    Requires permissions node
  • Trash (/trash, /invtrash):
    Requires permissions node itemcondenser.trash

NOTE: Items in bold and italics are works in progress, and should not be used

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Credits: ShortCircuit908