Item Lore Stats Plugin 1.6.4

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Add functioning stats to your items to allow players to increase their player stats. Any gear/weapons that contain the correct lore that the plugin can detect (list below) will affect the wearer/wielder. There are some basic commands in v0.9 to add lore to items and then Item Lore Stats will do the rest and you can create an RPG experience. Will add more stats/options based on requests.


This is the Item Lore Stats plugin you can add to your server to get players farming/trading/looting gear to get the perfect stats for their character. It is currently v0.94 and was designed for V1.6.4.

I will continue to support this and add many more features. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments or through a pm.

Installation and configuration

Place the ItemLoreStats.jar into your plugins directory and then run the server.


  • /ils ? Current version of WhosNearMe running.
  • /ils createlore ? Creates a set of gear with lore to test the plugin.
  • /ils name <text> ? Sets the name of the item currently in your hand. Supports all text formatting.
  • /ils lore <line#> <text> ? Adds or sets the lore line to the item currently in your hand. Supports all text formatting but stat formatting MUST match tooltipFormatting in the config .


The text on the tooltip has to be exactly how they are below, except <VALUE> is the amount you wish to add. The lore it can read as stats are;
Damage: +<VALUE>
Armour: <VALUE>%
Crit Chance: <VALUE>%
Health: +<VALUE>
Health Regen: <VALUE>%
Life Steal: <VALUE>%
Movement Speed: <VALUE>%
PvP Dmg Modifier: + or -<VALUE>
Level: <VALUE>
The name of the stat can be changed within the conflict and if it has then you must change that in the tooltip accordingly.


  • tooltipFormatting: ? This has to be the exact colour and formatting of the text on the tooltip otherwise it will throw an error. The colour MUST always go before the formatting e.g. Purple Italic or GreenBold
  • npcDamageMultiplier: ? This multiplies the default NPC damage to make the damage more noticeable with the new gear stats.
  • baseHealth ? This is the default health of every player before equipping gear. Set to 0 to disable and health updates. This will disable the +health stats on gear. For example if this is set to 100 then then each player will have a default health of 100.
  • baseHealthRegen ? This is the default health regen of every player before equipping gear. It is also added to the value gained from gear. For example if this is set to 5 then each player will regenerate 5% of their health.
  • healthScale ? This is the scale of the health bar e.g. if player has 100 hp then 20 will set each heart to the value of 10 health.
  • lifeStealHeal ? This is the percentage of the “damage” stat that the attacker will be healed for when they successfully steal health.
  • displayDamageNumbers ? This will display the damage the player has done to their target in the chat box.
  • statNames ? These are the names on the tooltip that represents the default stat.
  • environmentalDamage ? These are the damage values for environmental damage. They are all a percentage of the players health and are required due to the change of health from gear.


  • ils.admin
    description: Required for the /ils createlore, /ils name and /ils lore commands.
    default: op

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Credits: Supavitax