Item Chests Plugin 1.7.2

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Have you ever wanted to give players access to an item and been fed up with people constantly asking you ‘can I have some wool’? This plugin aims to take the weight off of your shoulders!


Creates an “ItemChest” which admins can place items into, and when the item is right clicked the player receives that item.


  • New type of chest
  • Give players items
  • Stacks supported
  • Potions, durability, etc all stay.
  • Copy items (BOOKS too!)
  • Set up a server rulebook chest!
  • Permissions
  • Ability to set how much a player can have per day
  • Lightweight
  • Three modes


command description
/ic create gives you an ItemChest
/ic mode set what mode (INFINITE, TIMELIMIT, ITEMLIMIT)
/ic limit set how many items player can have per day/forever


permission description
ic.receive Allows receiving of items
ic.add Allows adding of items
ic.create Allows use of /ic create
ic.limit Allows use of /ic limit


Mode description
INFINITE No limiting of items
TIMELIMIT Limit items per amount of time
ITEMLIMIT Limit forever


event description
PlayerItemChestOpenEvent Triggered on opening an itemchest getPlayer() getChestLocation()
PlayerItemChestReceiveItemEvent Triggered on receiving items getPlayer() getItem()

Bugs? Suggestions?

Leave feedback in the comments or file a ticket if there are any bugs!

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Credits: hawkfalcon, lol768