InstaSoup Plugin 1.7.2

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InstaSoup: A plugin that makes mushroom soup a vital PvP element. By default, eating a soup is instant and it will heal a player 3.5 hearts if they are missing health. However, if the player’s health level is full and they are hungry, eating a soup will instantly fill up their hunger by 3.5 food. This plugin is similar the the soup plugin that is used on MincraftPvP servers such as Hunger Games and Kit PvP except for the fact that it is fully configurable and you can disable elements and change the feeding and healing amounts. Also (as of v0.4.0) New soup recipes have been added including, “Chocolate Milk” (crafted with 1 Coco bean and a bowl) and “Cacti Juice” (crafted with 2 cacti and a bowl).


The InstaSoup configuration file is very easy to manage and simple to set up the default values should be as follows:

#InstaSoup Configuration file by Dippoakabob!

#Should soup heal a player?
soup-heal: true

#How much health sould a soup heal?
heal-amount: 7

#Should a soup feed a player if health is full?
soup-feed: true

#How much hunger should a soup fill?
feed-amount: 7

#Should recipes like Chocolate Milk and Cacti Juice be included?
allow-alternate-recipes: true

If the config.yml file does not have these values or does not contain the notes please copy these values and I will work on fixing the config issues.

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Credits: Dippoakabob, DoctorChance2, rpcollanton