InfectedAddon ? Dedicated Server Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 490 views |

Infected Addon ? Dedicated Server

Do you want to use my Infected plugin as a dedicated Infected server? If so then this will help turn Infected into a dedicated server plugin


  • No longer requires joining infected as it auto joins you when you log in
  • Disables leaving Infected
  • Makes all of Infecteds commands no longer require /Infected before the command
  • Sets a cool MOTD for the server list
  • Changes the chat format
  • Works perfectly with the Ranks Addon


Node Description Default
Infected.Bypass Bypass the force join OP


  • Disables /Leave(/Infected Leave)
  • All of Infected commands work with just /<command> instead of /Infected <command>

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Credits: xXSniperzzXxSD