ImageOnMap Plugin 1.7.2

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Have you ever wanted to view an image on a map ingame ? ImageOnMap allows you to do it ! (inspired from ImgMap)


ImageOnMap allows you to load a picture from the Internet to a Minecraft map. These images will be saved in your server, and will be loaded again on restart.

Quick guide

  1. Ensure that you have enough free slot in your inventory ! ImageOnMap will cut your picture in severals parts (depending on the image size) and place it in your inventory.
  2. Type /tomap URL, where URL is a link to the picture you want to render (see the section below).
  3. Enjoy your picture ! You can place it in an item frame to make a nice poster if you want.

Commands and Permissions

/tomap [url]

[url] :

  • the link must be complete, do not forget that the chat limit is 240 characters.
  • you can use an URL shortener like tinyURL. You must have a map in your hand.
  • Permission: imageonmap.userender




  • Limit-map-by-server => Limits the number of maps with a picture for all the server. Set to 0 for unlimited maps.
  • Limit-map-by-player => Limits the number of maps with a picture that a player can have. Set to 0 for unlimited maps.

Planned features

  • Choose if image will be resized or not;
  • DONE: Add options to limit the number of images per player / per server
  • DONE: Permission support

Kown bugs

  • Sometimes redirection URLs will cause the image not to be rendered;
  • Maybe a lot more !

Feedbacks are really appreciated.

GitHub repo:

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Credits: Mooribus, mll_