iBank Plugin 1.6.4

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iBank is an simple, easy to use and useful bank plugin. Its main features are:

  • Bankaccounts: Everybody with the permission can create a bankaccount, where he can deposit,transfer or withdraw money.
  • Interest: Everybody with a bankaccount, will get interest, but you can set different interests per region or account.
  • Regions: iBank can be bound to a region or just work globally like all economy plugins.
  • Loan: Everybody with a bankaccount, can request a Loan, has a maximum time to pay its Loan, if this time is exceeded, the configured settings
  • will be used. For example his Interest will go in Loan or his money will be taken.

  • Fee: For deposit,withdraw,transfer and open you can set a fee, the user will have to pay if he wants to do the action
  • RealisticMode: See https://github.com/iBa/iBank/blob/master/src/resources/config.yml for detailed configuration, allows you to specify an account which is the loan’s source and payback’s destination

Commands, Permissions and Description

[Something**]** Needed Parameter
(Something**)** Optional Paramater




/bank iBank.access Show all accounts you have access to.
/bank addregion [NAME] iBank.regions Add a region
/bank delregion [NAME] iBank.regions Delete a region
/bank region [NAME] (Region Key) (Value) iBank.regions Show info about a region
/bank open [Accountname] iBank.access Create a new account
/bank delete [Accountname] iBank.manage Delete an account
/bank close [Accountname] iBank.access Close an account (with withdraw of money)
/bank balance [Accountname] iBank.access or for all accounts iBank.balance Show the balance of the account
/bank list (Player) iBank.list Show a list of all accounts or of the accounts of a player
/bank deposit [Accountname] [Amount] iBank.access Deposit money to an account
/bank withdraw [Accountname] (Amount) iBank.access Withdraw money from an account (amount not given = maximal)
/bank transfer [Source] [Destination] [Amount] iBank.access Transfer amount from source to destination
/bank account [Accountname] (Account-Key) (Value) iBank.manage Show info about an account
/bank give [Accountname] [Amount] iBank.manage Give the account money.
/bank take [Accountname] [Amount] iBank.manage Take money from the account
/bank Owners [Accountname] (AccountData-Key) (Value) iBank.access Manage owners of account, either add/remove owner or show owners
/bank Users [Accountname] (AccountData-Key) (Value) iBank.access Manage users of account, either add/remove users or show users
/bank loan [Amount] iBank.loan Loan money
/bank loaninfo [Site or Player] iBank.access = own account, iBank.loaninfo for other users Show all loans of user
/bank loanedit [Id] [LoanKey] [Value] iBank.loanedit Edit a loan by id
/bank payback (Id) [Amount] iBank.loan Pay money back, if no Id is given, the money is used for all
/bank reload iBank.reload Reload the config

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Credits: steffengy