HorseStats Plugin 1.7.2

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HorseStats by bdubz4552

Please Read Change Logs Before Downloading! Use the ‘files’ tab.

Quick Info

-Page Updated: 12/1/13 @ 7:26 PM, US Eastern Time

-Latest Version: v1.7 for Minecraft 1.7.2

-Most recent version’s file page and change log: HorseStats v1.7.

-Description Updated for v1.7.


I made this plugin to give a player details about a horse. It started as the simple ability to see horse stats when hit with a stick. I later decided to make this plugin more than its original function, and it has evolved into what I think is a great horse utility, now with the ability to protect horses, modify horse information, teleport horses, and more.


To see a horse’s information, punch it with a lead in hand.

To select or deselect a horse for teleport, punch it with an ender pearl in hand. You must be the tamer of the horse.


A “!” before a command indicates that it is best restricted to staff and Ops.


Gives a short explanation to the user about using the plugin’s features.


Teleports the selected horse to the command user. The user must own the horse in order to select it in the first place.

/delhorseinfo <name|chest>

Deletes the name, or chest and it’s contents. Irreversible. Only usable by horse owner.


Removes the player’s ownership of the horse they are riding. The horse must have been tamed by the command user. Even Ops cannot untame someone else’s horse.

/changeowner <player>

Transfers ownership of a horse directly to the specified player. The horse must have been tamed by the command user.

! /slayhorse <launch>

Kills the horse being ridden. No regard for ownership. Optional launch argument for a bit of fun. The only real purpose of this is so admins can get around the HorseGrief config setting.

! /setstyle <color|style> <value>

Changes the color and pattern of a horse.

! /hspawn <donkey|mule>

Spawns the entity specified with the argument, or a horse if no argument is given. Ex: “/hspawn” will spawn a horse, “/hspawn donkey” will spawn a donkey.

As of now, /hspawn is still a work in progress in that any entity spawned with this is given an identical set of stats by default. I am looking into how I can change this.

Permission Nodes

Again, a “!” indicates permissions that I suggest you restrict to staff and Ops

! HorseStats.*: Gives ALL permission nodes.

! HorseStats.slayhorse: Allows use of /slayhorse. The launch argument is included in this, but there is a config setting to disable launch for everyone.

! HorseStats.hspawn: Allows the use of /hspawn.

! HorseStats.setstyle: Allows the use of /setstyle.

HorseStats.untame: Allows use of /untame.

HorseStats.changeowner: Allows use of /changeowner

HorseStats.delhorseinfo: Allows use of /delhorseinfo

HorseStats.horsetp: allows use of /horsetp

Later Updates

-I am considering adding a few things later, not sure when though.

-If anything seems ‘unpopular’, I will consider revising or removing it.

-Please report bugs! I need to know if there are any ‘holes’ in the plugin.

Known Issues and Bugs

1.6_b: For some reason, the update notifier doesn’t like v1.6_b, and can’t tell that it is up to date.

All Versions: Something in the Minecraft Server may cause horse speed and jump height to change. On the server I play on, a random collection of my horses had their stats set to 6.75 blocks per second and a jump height of 3.24. This is not a bug in the stat display, as these numbers are pulled from the horse’s data and put through a simple expression to make it understandable and measurable.

All Versions: Teleporting horses between worlds may cause horses to be unusable or vanish from existence. The config setting “allowMultiWorldTeleport” in the config is by default false, but if this is a risk you are willing to take, you can enable it by setting it to true.

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Credits: Bdubz4552