Hoops Plugin 1.6.4

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  • In the 2nd image the yellow dots are white in the actual game and the white space between dots is supposed to be clear.

What is it?

Hoops is a Basketball plugin for Minecraft 1.6.4. If you are in game and you throw the ball, (snowball) it will drop wherever it hits. If it lands in the net a point is added to whichever teams net it was above. There are 5 minutes in a game and you get your teams colored wool and your teams colored jersey. The game will start when there are 4 or more players, or if you forcestart the game.


/hoops or /h

  • /h create ? Allows you to create an arena.
  • /h delete {id} ? Allows you to delete an arena.
  • /h join {id} ? Allows you to join an arena.
  • /h leave ? Allows you to leave an arena.
  • /h forcestart {id} ? Allows you to forcestart an arena.
  • /h forcestop {id} ? (Buggy) Allows you to forcestop an arena.
  • /h reload ? Allows you to reload from config, used to set up arenas.
  • /h setspawn ? Allows you to set lobbyspawn, redspawn, greenspawn, ballspawn, redhoop, and greenhoop.


  • None. You must be op to use /h create, /h delete, /h reload, /h setspawn, /h forcestop, and /h forcestart

Text Tutorial

  • For the shooting, if it hits glass or cauldrons it will not count as a score.
  1. Type /h create. It will automatically assign the lowest unused arena number.
  • Note: For 2-7 go on the spot you want them to be, then type the command
  1. Type /h setspawn {id} red
  2. Type /h setspawn {id} green
  3. Type /h setspawn {id} lobby
  4. Type /h setspawn {id} hoopred
  5. Type /h setspawn {id} hoopgreen
  6. Type /h setspawn {id} ball
  7. Now you can play, either type /h join {id} or use a sign.
  8. (Optional) Signs, make them as shown below
  • [Hoops]
  • join
  • {id}

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Credits: waxman57