HealVip Plugin 1.7.4

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 532 views |

This plugin allows users saw life heal and report to other users ? Español ? xXNurioXx


This plugin allows users with permission to fill your life with a command, this can be used on a pvp server, which is quite useful for VIPs.
For example supongamso that esamos in a fight and we have a heart, then write the /h command our life bar is filled, ie we will have 10 hearts.
You can also use the /hvip command also mean a configurazion’ll add to next update message when cured, and the amount of hearts that recovered.


? /hvip >> Regenerate the user’s life
? /h >> Regenerate the user’s life


? healvip.heal >> /h or /hvip

HealVip Plugin 1.7.4 Download Link



Credits: xXNurioXx, TheRayMirez