HealPlayer Plugin 1.7.2

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The HealPlayer plugin will allow you to heal or feed a player restoring the players health bar and hunger bar to the maximum.
The plugin is very lightweight and easy to use.

 How to install

HealPlayer is very easy to install. All you need to do is put the HealPlayer.jar into your plugins folder and restart your server. There is no config file for this plugin so once you have restarted the server the plugin will be installed and you will be ready to go.


/feed [player] ? Feeds the player.
/heal [player] ? Heals the player.

 What the commands do

Feeding: Feeding a player will restore the players hunger bar to maximum hunger.
Healing: Healing a player will restore the players health to the maximum, healing also sets the players hunger to the maximum.


  • healplayer.heal ? gives a player access to the /heal command.
  • healplayer.feed ? gives a player access to the /feed command.
  • healplayer. ? gives a player access to both the /heal and the /feed commands.

By default ops will only be able to use any of the HealPlayer commands. If you want other players to have access to this plugin then simply give them the permission nodes above.


There are no requirements for HealPlayer although if you want non-oped players to have access to HealPlayer you will need some sort of permissions plugin so that you can set them the permission nodes.


HealPlayer has been tested and should work on any version of bukkit 1.6.4 or above. If you have any queries about HealPlayer then please send me a PM or leave a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you quickly. You will also be able to find me on my minecraft server

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Credits: rangewonk