Heal Extra Plugin 1.7.2

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Heal-Extra a brand new, heal plugin with some added features!

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/heal || Heals you

/heal <player> || Heals the target player

/feed || Feeds you

/feed <player> || Feeds the target player

/ext || Extinguishes you

/ext <player> || Extinguishes the target player

/kill || Kills you

/kill <player> || Kills the target player

/healinfo & /healinfo 2 || Returns info about the plugin


healextra.heal.me Allows use of /heal

healextra.heal.others Allows use of /heal <player>

healextra.feed.me Allows use of /feed

healextra.feed.others Allows use of /feed <player>

healextra.ext.me Allows use of /ext

healextra.ext.others Allows use of /ext <player>

healextra.kill.me Allows use of kill

healextra.kill.others Allows use of /kill <player>

Installation tutorial


Drag and drop the plugin (the jar file) into your servers plugin folder and restart your server.

You’re now ready to go!

===== 1.7 Update is nearly ready! ======

Config added ? change the plugins prefix.

/kill added

/healinfo & healinfo 2 added

/healreload / hr added ? reloads the config

I will be adding more to the config soon, this update will be released when Bukkit updates.

I work on this plugin around school and do it completely free, if you’re feeling nice and would like to donate please click below.

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Credits: thomasb_dc