Halloweeny Plugin 1.6.4

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Maybe its a bit early, but heres my way to say: HAPPY HALLOWEEN

This plugin is just a fun plugins to jumpscare your players at halloween (or anytime)


The plugins executes a jumpscare in after the chosen time in a loop.

When the jumpscare is executed, a random player chosen by the plugin gets the following:

Places a pumpkin on the player’s head.

  • a configurable amount of zombies near the player.
  • A lightning strike near the player.
  • Gives the player configurable items (like bones).

All of the features can be toggled on/off in the config.

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/nospooks ? Exclude yourself from being targeted by the plugin.

/jumpscare [target] ? Trigger a jumpscare. Target is optional.


The config.yml is pretty self explaining. Here is it:

displayJoinMessage: true

joinMessage: happy halloween! hope the spooks get you

loopTime: 300

pumpkinsOnHeads: true

explosionEffect: true

spawnZombies: true

numberOfZombies: 5

zombieRadius: 10

strikeLightning: true

lightningRadius: 20

giveItems: true


91: 1

debug: false


halloweeny.nospooks ? Allows you to use the /nohalloween command.

halloweeny.jumpscare ? Allows you to trigger the jumpscares.

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Credits: Pixelazed