GTACarPackage Plugin 1.7.2

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== What is GTACarsPackage? ==

Do I need other plugins for this to work?

Yes, you do need Vault or Iconomy. CarePackage is a plugin that will send a chest to a player with pre-defined items inside it. The plugin is designed to be very lightweight, and simple to use.


Easy to set-up and use straight out of the box. Perfect for Hunger Games style servers. Minimal resource usage. Configurability.


/carepackage <player> /cp <player>

Simple, Right?


carepackage.send: Allows a player to use /carepackage carepackage.overrides.ignorecost: Allows a player to avoid paying to send a Care Package. Configuration:

To add items to the chest, simply put the name of the item you want to add in the list below “contents”, then add the same item below in the “amounts” section with the amount you want next to it. Examples are provided in the config.yml.

====== Pre-requisites: ======

Vault is required to handle item data, As it is far better than the standard Bukkit API for Items and materials.

== My Server! ==

Credit to: Doingit, for making this awesome

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Credits: cubecraftz