GraveSigns Plugin 1.6.4

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GraveSigns is a plugins that upon player death will place a sign with the players name on it to show who had died there previously. Very good for small PVP servers that have an open world.

This plugin is very easy to install! Just drag and drop into the plugins folder ;D

No commands as?you don’t need them

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  • Places a sign with the players name on it!
  • config.yml to change things!
  • A simple permission
  • Auto-despawn

New Update!

Download GraveSigns 1.5 for bug fixes

Download GraveSigns 1.4 For config.yml and sign despawn

Download GraveSigns 1.3 for MCStats

Download GraveSigns 1.2 for bug fixes!

Download GraveSigns 1.1 for permission nodes ?


Will place a sign upon players death ?

NOTE: I haven’t tested the permissions out yet due to time. If the permissions don’t work just comment and I’l be more than happy to sort it out

How To Use The Plugin?

Just drop the .jar file into your plugins file and off you go.

As mentioned on a players death, the sign will be placed with their name on it and Ta da!

Again this plugin is only really good for small PVP servers.


Disclaimer: This plugin uses a Metrics system made by Hidendra, which means some info will be send to Such as the plugin’s version, server’s version, OS system, Java version, etc. More info could be found on


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To Do!

  • Add colour code support
  • Make it so you can change the time of which a sign despawns

Anyway thanks guys, again another pointless plugin but still makes a server a server and makes a dev a dev


GraveSigns Plugin 1.6.4 Download Links:

Credits: RandomPanda30, ediTv2