Grant Plugin 1.7.2

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~ Give named items, with lore, specify the slot, or equip it on another player.


? Give other players items with /g
e.g /g 46
? Force the player to equip an item
e.g. put a cactus named Geoffrey on their head
? Give the item a some lore and a name
e.g. /g cactus p:Notch r:Geoffrey L:hello! a:1


Optional Argument Usage Description
p: p: <player> Specify a player to grant the item to
n: n: <amount> The number of items to give
s: s: <slot no.> The hotbar slot to place the item in
a: a: <slot no.> The armor slot to place the item in
r: r: <rename> What to rename the item to
l: l: <lore> Add some lore
(use a double forward slash for linebreak)
c: c: <color> Changes the color of leather armor
(either use a RGB code or a color name)
e: e: <Enchant>:<Level>,<E2>:<LVL> Add some enchantments
Hint: use /enchantments


? All configuration can be done through the config.yml




1) Drag the jar into your plugins folder.
2) Restart the server, or load it through a plugin manager.
3) Add the permission node give.grant ? to yourself.

Grant Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: Empire92, EpicTimoZz