Glade of Dreams Dimension Mod 1.2.4

Glade of Dreams Dimension Mod for Minecraft 1.2.4

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Glade of Dreams Dimension Mod is an extremely enormous mod that adds in 3 whole new dimensions called Glade of Dreams (dimension of Rayman) into Minecraft game including the Rayman 2, Rayman Raving Rabbids, Rayman 3. You can search google to know how wonderful these dimensions. The features of these dimension will be described belows:

1st: the dimension of Rayman 2, this one has 5 dungeons

  • The sanctuary of water and ice (u must slide much here) guardian: Axel, an ice demon
  • The cave of bad dreams (loads of jumping puzzels) guardian: Jano, an giant eye with a hat and 2 bone arms
  • The sanctuary of stone and fire (maze) guardian: Umber, an stone statue, wich actually lives
  • The sanctuary of rock and lava (loads of flying puzzels) guardian: Foutch, fire demon, looks like a brother of Axel
  • The crow’s nest (actually the boss battle) boss: the Grolgoth, a master-destruction robot, wich is piloted by the pirate-captain Razorbeard.

2nd: the dimension of Rayman 3.

3nd: the dimension of Rayman Raving Rabbids, started on it. the portal stone to here is actually activated, but won’t work.







Install Glade of Dreams dimension Mod 1.2.4

download: Modloader 1.2.4, ModloaderMP 1.2.4, GUI API 1.2.4 and Player API 1.2.4. Install these loaders/API’s and after that, download Glade Of Dreams mod, and simpely drop it into your .minecraft mods folder. Have fun killing Pirates/Rayman/Hoodlums!
when done, it will work with the Aether mod, and also with the 1.1 version of mincraft.
the crafting recipe for the portal so far is this: (where W= white stone dust, and L is lava)
then u get a magic door item. u must then create a 3 by 3 flat square of obsidian, than place the magic door in the middle. the portal is than created.
the dungeons are spread over the dimension, but they will spawn here:
Axel’s dungeon: in a biome with loads of water and ice (lol, his sanctuary is called the same xD)
Jano’s dungeon: in a cave in the Marshes of awakening
Umber’s dungeon: near lava rivers in a temple
Foutch’s dungeon: inside mountains with loads of fire, lava and lavafalls
the Boss battle: in the Prison ship of the pirate’s, wich is floating over the Iron Mountains

Rayman 3 dungeon list so far:

  • Hoodlum base
  • Teensie castle (this is actually not a ?hostile’ dungeon, but its like a timed maze, with a nice suprise on the end of it!)
  • that house of that squidward like hunter
  • Knaaren cave
  • Tower of Leptys

Download Glade of Dreams dimension Mod 1.2.4

For 1.2.4

Author: Delta67