Glacy Staff Chat Plugin 1.7.2

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Having a ingame staff chat has become more or less a must-have for all servers. It allows for quick and easy communication between all staff members that are ingame. Originally meant as a private plugin for the public server I run, I decided to publish it seeing as there aren’t many up-to-date, working plugins like this out there. And by the way, if you are wondering what “ho” is, it’s a reference to the “helpop” command that many used to use a long time ago when there were no staff chat plugins.


Command Description Permission
/ho <message> Sends a message in staff chat. glacy.staffchat
/tho Toggles speaking in staff chat and global chat. glacy.staffchat
/hoa <message> Sends an announcement in staff chat glacy.staffchat.announce
/gsc Only typing the command will display general information about the plugin along with its current version. Along with the arguments shown below you can configure the updateChecker and reload the plugin. (No permission needed)
none If you have this permission, you will be notified when you join if a new version is available. glacy.staffchat.update

Arguments for /gsc

Argument Description Permission
rl, r, or reload Reloads the plugin glacy.staffchat.config.reload
help Shows arguments available with the player’s permissions none
updater Shows you what all updater settings are set to glacy.staffchat.updater
updater (true/false) Completely enable/disable the updater glacy.staffchat.config.updater
updater notify (ingame/console) (true/false) Set ingame/console notifying of new version to true/false glacy.staffchat.config.updater
updater download (true/false) Set auto download and deploy of new version to true/false glacy.staffchat.config.updater
updater help Shows help for /gsc updater glacy.staffchat.config.updater
cl Shows you if tho, ho, and hoa have console logging enabled
cl (tho/ho/hoa) (true/false) Sets console logging for tho, ho, or hoa to true/false

Default Config

  enabled: true
    console: true
    ingame: true
  download: false
  prefix: '&bSTAFF:'
  msgColor: '&3'
  gscMsgColor: '&3'
  valueColor: '&6'
  hoaPrefix: '&bSTAFF ANNOUNCEMENT:'
  hoaColor: '&6'
  tho: true
  ho: false
  hoa: false

  • updater
    • enabled = If this is false, the updater will be completely disabled
    • notify
      • console = If true, will send a message in console when starting up if a new version is available
      • ingame = If a new version is available and a player joins with the correct permission, a message will be sent to that player.
    • download = If true, when a new version is available the plugin will automatically download it and it will be activated on the next reload/restart
  • looks
    • prefix = The prefix that will display when using the Staff Chat commands.
    • msgColor = Color of the /ho message.
    • gscMsgColor = Color of the predefined message commands.
    • valueColor = Color of values that can be changed (eg. Successfully set updateChecker to false)
    • hoaPrefix = Prefix of staff chat announcements.
    • hoaColor = Color of staff chat announcement messages.
  • console-logging
    • tho = If true, will log all tho messages in console (with colors)
    • ho = If true, will log all ho messages in console (with colors). Recommended to set to false.
    • hoa = If true, will log all hoa messages in console (with colors). Recommended to set to false.

Glacy Staff Chat Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: GotChuNow