GifMe Plugin 1.7.4

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 411 views |

GifMe is a lightweight, simple, and fun plugin! The main purpose of this plugin is to send Gifs to your players. Simple, right?!


  • /gifme ? This is the main GifMe Command.
  • /gifme-help ? This sends you to this page, the BukkitDev Page.
  • /gifme-1 through /gifme-10 ? Sends you a random Gif!
  • /gifme-random ? Sends you a random Gif!


There is no permissions for GifMe! Just put it in your server’s plugin folder, restart or reload, and GifMe is there!

Bukkit Version

GifMe Currently works for all Bukkit 1.7 builds.

GifMe Plugin 1.7.4 Download Links

Credits: TheRealBuckshot