GameMode Control Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 698 views |

A powerful lightweight open-source-plugin, which changes the gamemode of a player. As one of my first plugins I am very proud to present it at last.

Plugin is in development! If you want to download it you have to click on “files” and choose the Version you want to download! Current version: Alpha 1.2.1




/survival;/gm0 [player] sets the game mode to survival gmc.gm0
/creative;/gm1 [player] sets the game mode to creative gmc.gm1
/adventure;/gm2 [player] sets the game mode to adventure gmc.gm2

To-do list

Here are some features, which I want to add:

  • Make a configurable config.yml
  • More commands/aliases (e.g. /creative, /gc or something like /gimmethedamncreativegamemode
  • More permissions (e.g. a permission, which allows you to change your own gamemode, but not the gamemode of another player).
  • A function which allows a player to change his or her gamemode only once.
  • (Please leave suggestions in form of a comment)


Currently none

Well I hope you’ll enjoy my little plugin and I’ll make it more powerful and work off the to-do list.


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Credits: MCMainiac