Game Ranks Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 1,027 views |

A simple lightweight plugin, that allows individual players pay for switching ranks on a predetermined path configured by server staff. This plugin is still being developed and will be released soon. This plugin will allow users to gain permissions based on their current rank, they can purchase rank ups from one simple command.


Admins can configure custom ranks.
Admins decide the specific order of ranks.
Configurable by a YML file.


ranks shows the ranks
rank shows current rank information
rankdown refunds previous purchase of rank and lowers player rank
rankup purchases the next available rank for player
gr help shows help menu
gr version checks current version


ranks gameranks.ranks
rank gameranks.rank
rankdown gameranks.rankdown
rankup gameranks.rankup
gr help
gr version


This plugin requires Vault with a permissions plugin and a supporting economy plugin as well. The plugin will not start correctly without them, they are essential and will not be removed later or now.

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Credits: JadenTheSly