FlanMods Party Sheep Plugin 1.7.2

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FlanMods Party Sheephttp://img.niceminecraft.net/BukkitPlugin/FlanMods%20Party%20Sheep.png


Hello guys, this is my second plugin its called PartySheep this means a Sheep that follow you all the time and with many random colors if you activated it.


/Partysheep on = Switch your PartySheep on
/Partysheep off = Switch your PartySheep off
/Partysheeptoggle = Toggle other Players PartySheep off
/Partysheep = Command List for PartySheep


PartySheep.Donator for command /partysheep
PartySheep.* for command /partysheeptoggle


Before you reload your server i recommend to kick all players because that removes all party sheeps otherwise if you reload your server it creates many sheeps and didnt remove them. Currently thats the bug. I´m sorry about that i will fix it very soon

IGN: FlanMod1998 If you have some questions you could send me a private message

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Credits: FlanModHD