Families Command Block

Families Command Block for Minecraft 1.9.4, 1.9

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Families Command Block allows for you to get your very own family in vanilla Minecraft. You can craft a wedding ring and propose and get married to a zombie! You can also have little baby zombie kids. Remember to change their diapers. Eventually, you and your wife can save up money and eventually get a family home for everyone to live in.

How to Install:

  • The first, give yourself a command block, type :

    /give @p minecraft:command_block

  • Once you have a command block, right click it to open it’s GUI.
  • Now, you must copy the command from Families Command download link below.
  • Next, go back to your minecraft world, and paste the command you just copied into the command block. There are a few different keys that may be used to do this, depending on your keyboard. The most common ones are ‘CTRL + V’, ‘COMMAND + V’, or ‘STRG + V’
  • Finally, press Done to exit the GUI, and run the command block with a Redstone block.

Families Command:

For Minecraft 1.9.x

1st Command

2nd Command

Author: ItsZender (https://www.youtube.com/user/Zenderagon)