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The Faceharm plugin was developed as a project to begin learning plugin development, and is a work in progress. Faceharm is a plugin developed for a community of players that are tired of seeing any of the following nuisances on a Minecraft server:

  • Poor or inadequate spelling.
  • Flawed logic.
  • Annoying arguments or conflicts between two or more parties.
  • New joiners asking for op / staff / items / permissions / ranks.

Or? Simply make a mockery of your own mistakes or others!

Have you ever felt the need to express yourself lazily with a command, rather than typing out a response? Well, now you can! Faceharm, as the name suggests, is designed to (not actually) harm the players face by utilizing multiple methods to do so. Once a command is run, the server will broadcast FSX around the player that ran the command, and broadcast a message to the entire server.

Example: /facepalm = “(playername) has facepalmed so hard, their palm is now a part of their face!”, with a subtle sound effect to follow the command.

Face-Harming Options

Using the following command syntax: /face <argument>

  • Palm (/face palm)
  • Car (/face car)
  • Nail (/face nail)
  • Desk (/face desk)
  • Nuke (/face nuke)
  • Shark (/face shark)
  • Cat (/face cat)
  • Division by 0 (/face /0)

Additional Development Commands

These commands / features are added just for fun and for plugin development sake, and can be given to admins, players, owners, or anyone with permission:

  • /cloak (Invisibility)
  • /nv (Night Vision)
  • Server notification for connecting players (configurable in near updates).

These commands (currently) are toggled on and off by repeating the command in chat, and remain on until turned off by the user or the server reboots.

To Do

  • Wait for feedback and make adjustments / add or remove features.
  • Add a config.yml for server owners or administrators to configure desired aspects (via all feedback).
  • /highfive (playername) command addition, with a creative response notifying the server if someone was “left hanging”, (the other player did not accept the high-five within a set amount of time).
  • /slap (playername) command addition, allowing you to slap someone you wish to cease being a nuisance.
  • /hug (playername) command addition, allowing you to hug someone in game. (Assuming the other player accepted).

Permission Nodes

Permission Nodes for Faceharm:

  • faceharm.face.* ? Grants the player the ability to see the help menu for the plugin, as well as use each /face <argument> command.
  • faceharm.nv ? Grants the player the ability to toggle night vision (/nv).
  • faceharm.cloak ? Grants the player the ability to toggle invisibility (/cloak).


If you have any feedback, comments, concerns or suggestions, feel free to leave a message below, and we will get back to you soon.

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Credits: GDION, GreatSilentOne