The Eye ? Spectate naughty players Plugin 1.6.4

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 628 views | Eye

Basic Information

Getting sick of those griefers? Have you ever wanted to look at things from their perspective and to know excactly what is going on without having to teleport to them? Then “The Eye” is the perfect plugin for you. This plugin allows you to look through players eyes and to see excactly what they’re doing. They wont know a thing! Just use a simple command, sit back and enjoy. Maybe you will be surpriced? If a player acts suspicious and stops doing what ever they’re doing when you tp to them, just use this plugin. Bust those griefers in no time!


  • /spectate (playername) ? Perform this command to spectate a player. They wont know you’re there ?
  • /unspectate ? Teleports you back to your previous location.
  • /help the eye ? Displays a list of all the commands.


  • theeye.spectate ? So far this is the only permission required to start spying on people.


I wont recommend you giving normal survival players spectate permissions. They will lose their stuff! Unfortunately i haven’t been able to come up with a sulotion to this problem The only thing i can do so far is to only allow gamemode 1 players to spectate. So before you give all your moderators permission to use this tool I suggest that you tell them about this issue!

Good luck using the plugin! Feel free to leave suggestions and responds below. Thanks for using my plugin.

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Credits: Fedmand