Explosion Man Plugin 1.7.4/1.6.4

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Do you ever want to fool around with the players on your server?

Do you ever want to see the destruction of your world?

If so, this plugin is right for you!


Explosion man is a plugin meant to simply create your own explosions around your server. It can be used through commands and items. If you are a fan of simple destruction then why not give this a chance? It is a great little plugin to use with your friends too. You can have duels with Boomsticks, terraforming competitions with commands, launch yourselves into the air, and if it’s your thing? TROLL! It takes about a minute to setup and spices up the game a little.


/explode ? used to create an explosion at your location!

/explode [number] ? Specifies the power to use.

/fexplode ? used to create an explosion where you are looking!

/fexplode [number] ? Specifies the power to use

/launch ? used to create a configured explosion and launch a player up into the sky

/launch [number] ? Species the height to launch you


? explosionman.explode ? Allows you to use /explode

? explosionman.explodelightning Allows you to create lightning with your /explode

? explosionman.explodebig ? Allows you to use /explode with a power greater than 50

? explosionman.fexplode ? Allows you to use /fexplode

? explosionman.fexplodelightning ? Allows you to create lighting where your /fexplode blows up

? explosionman.fexplodebig Allows you use /fexplode with a power greater than 50

? explosionman.boomstick ? Allows you to use a stick to blow up blocks with right-click

? explosionman.boomlightning ? Allows you to strike lightning on your explosions with the boomstick

? explosionman.deathexplode ? Creates an explosion at this players death

? explosionman.deathlightning ? Creates a lightning effect at the players death spot

? explosionman.launch ? Alows player to use /launch


The project is not even close to being complete! I plan on:

  • Making configurable item drops
  • Making configurable immune blocks
  • Configurable cause damage to player
  • Even HIGHER launches
  • Allow people with a certain permission to blow another player up
  • Allow people with a certain permission to launch another player

Source Code

Hey guys, the source for this plugin is openly available and I am fine with you creating plugins that base some of its code of mine(not all of it) and it would be greatly appreciated if I was credited in a note or something!


Explosion ManPlugin 1.6.4 Download Links

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For 1.6



Credits: malandrix_bunny