ExperienceShelves Plugin 1.7.2

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Inspired by the defunct plugin MagicBookshelf by Derthmonuter, this plugin makes reaching those high levels easier. This plugin allows you to store and withdraw your experience with a simple click of a bookshelf. That’s all there is to it.


In order to store and withdraw from a bookshelf, you must either have an empty hand or the creation tool in your hand. Left click a bookshelf to store your experience in the bookshelf. Right click to withdraw experience from the bookshelf. Before you can store any experience in a bookshelf, you must first create it. This is done by using the creation tool which is configured in the config file.

If you are looking at the bookshelf, you can use commands on it. The commands are detailed below.


There are two commands and for a command to work you must be looking at the bookshelf:

  • /xps lock ? Locks the bookshelf so that no player can interact with it. This also stops all animations on the bookshelf.
  • /xps balance ? Shows you how much experience is in the bookshelf.
  • /xps move start ? Starts move mode. This allows you to move bookshelves that contain xp without loosing the xp within.
  • /xps move end ? Ends move mode. This turns off the move mode so that when you destroy a bookshelf with xp (or not), it actually destroys it.


  • experienceshelves.lock ? Allows you to lock a bookshelf.
  • experienceshelves.balance ? Allows you to view balance of a bookshelf.
  • experienceshelves.break ? Allows you to break ALL bookshelves.
  • experienceshelves.store ? Allows you to store your experience in bookshelves.
  • experienceshelves.withdraw ? Allows you to withdraw your experience from bookshelves.
  • experienceshelves.snoop ? Allows you to lock or view balance of bookshelves you do not own.
  • experienceshelves.create ? Allows you to create bookshelves which can hold experience.
  • experienceshelves.* ? Allows you to do anything you want.


The configuration is extremely simple.

  • creation-item ? what item creates a new experience bookshelf. Default is 0 (AIR).
  • use-in-creative ? should a player be allowed to create/store/withdraw while in creative mode. Default is false.
  • show-particles ? Server-wide use of particles on Bookshelves. Default is true.

A few words

If you find a bug or feel the project is lacking, please open an appropriately labeled ticket. Feedback is always appreciated. If you are interested in what I am working on, visit the issue tracker and take a look at the open tickets.

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Credits: majora2007