Eternal Isles Mod 1.12.2/1.12/1.7.10

Eternal Isles Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2, 1.7.10, 1.7.2

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Eternal Isles Mod 1.12.2 is one of the largest mods ever created for Minecraft. Enhancing the unique experience provided in past mods (such as DivineRPG), Eternal Isles aims to create a fully developed experience that gamers will remember. With vast amounts of original and creative content, Eternal Isles will keep any players engaged and intrigued. Eternal Isles takes players on a journey of great heights and amusement. This mod currently adds: New Dimensions, New Mobs, New Items, New Blocks in all sorts of different styles. There are 14 new dimensions, 170+ Mobs/Bosses and 600+ Sounds.






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How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the Eternal Isles Mod from link below.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder. If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
    • Windows – Open the Start menu and select Run, or press the Windows key + R. Type (without quotes) “%appdata%\.minecraft\mods” and press Enter.
    • OS X – Open the Go menu in Finder and select “Go to Folder”. Type (without quotes) “~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods” and press Return.
  • Copy the downloaded jar (zip) file into the “mods” folder that opens.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Download Links:

For 1.7.2!sZB2BYZJ!QtGNbda96br34yIUk1d_QvTYdaMSF81lvKzS0S8XaFo

For 1.7.10!JscRBQLI!aePc60LcKMQbjvKihlTrjutrC0Hb3yvV6yIbUqfiRvc

Credits: Xolova