EntityGuard Plugin 1.7.2

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EntityGuard allows you to take control of most entities in your server. It controls and limits the entity count for XP farms, iron farms, animal farms?etc. Every entity uses a small amount of ram in your server, so limiting and controlling the entities are very important. EntityGuard can remove entities that are over the limit you set and it’s done fully automatically.


  • Reduce entities.
  • Reduce memory usage.
  • Increase server performance.
  • Prevent animal/ villager from over-breeding.
  • Prevent players from stacking mobs.
  • Check every entity’s info around you.
  • Work fully automatically.
  • Everything is configurable.

How does this plugin work?


EntityGuard will automatically check the entity count for players every certain amount of time. If it finds out that the entity count is over the allowance, it will then remove/ de-spawn mobs. It can remove/ de-spawn hostile mobs, passive mobs, iron golem, tamed pets?etc.


  • /entityguard run -> Kill entities that are over the limit.
  • /entityguard check [Player] [Radius] -> Check entities around a player.
  • /entityguard reload -> Reload configuration file.
    (Note: /entityguard or /eg)


  • entityguard.admin ? Allow to use all the EntityGuard commands.
  • entityguard.bypass ? EntityGuard will not check and remove entities for players with this permission.


#Plugin Version. Do not change this.
version: 1.0

# What to do if mob count is over the limit?
#Set to: 0 = Just Warn the player; Set to: 1 = Remove the exceeding mobs; 2 = Remove all the mobs and kick player.
action: 1

# Run the action every x minutes.
auto_run_delay: 10

  auto_run: true
  allowed_mob_amount_per_player: 100
  check_radius: 32
    Spider: true
    Cave_Spider: true
    Skeleton: true
    Zombie: true

  auto_run: true
  allowed_mob_amount_per_player: 100
  check_radius: 32
    Pig: true
    Cow: true
    Sheep: true
    Chicken: true

  auto_run: true
  allowed_mob_amount_per_player: 10
  check_radius: 50
    Pet_Iron_Golem: true
    Wild_Iron_Golem: true

# Kick Message
kick_message: 'You are kicked because you have stacked too many mobs.'

# Warn Message
warn_message: 'You have stacked too many mobs that may lag the server!'

# Maximum radius allowed to check for command /eg check.
allow_check_radius: 200

# Show auto-run message in console.
console_msg: true


Report bugs

This plugin’s development stage is still on beta, so please report any bug by posting a comment below

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Credits: AoceTW