EiraIRC Mod 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

EiraIRC Mod for Minecraft 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.7.2, 1.6.4

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EiraIRC Mod

This is an IRC connector that works on both client and server independently. It also adds some neat features like name colors, aliases and supports private IRC messages as well as Twitch chat. It also allows you to upload screenshots immediately to either DirectUpload or imgur!

  • IRC Client

EiraIRC lets you connect to one or multiple IRC servers and channels. You can easily switch between where you want to chat to (Minecraft, #eirairc, #example, or even ExampleUser) by pressing TAB when the chat is open.

  • Bridge Bot (IRC for Servers)

When installed on a server, EiraIRC will act as a so called ?Bridge-Bot?. It will relay messages from IRC to the IG-chat and vice-versa, without requiring the players on the server to have the mod installed. It can also be configured to notify IRC users about IG events, such as deaths.

  • Twitch Chat

EiraIRC allows you to connect to Twitch’s chat of your favorite livestreamers (or your own channel, if you livestream yourself). Twitch chat is really similar to the normal IRC feature, so once you set up the Twitch connection, you can simply join the channels of other livestreamers (e.g. /irc join irc.twitch.tv/#blay09)

  • Screenshot Upload

Have a really cool view you want to share with the people on IRC or that guy who lives 5000 blocks away from you? Take a screenshot and let EiraIRC upload it to an image hoster automatically and your friends will never miss out on your epic moments again!

  • Notifications

Are you recording or livestreaming on a server? It’s common courtesy to let them know they’re being filmed. EiraIRC has two keybindings to toggle your recording / livestream state. This doesn’t actually record the screen or something, but it lets other people know about it (through a little notification on the bottom right and an overlay on the player list). There are a few IRC-related notifications too and it’s planned to have the Friends List opt into this as well.

  • Server Control

Tired of being online all the time just to manage your server? EiraIRC allows you to run OP commands from IRC (similar to Rcon). It requires you to be authed with NickServ and added to the list of authenticated users in the EiraIRC config file. You can run any command a normal OP can using !op

  • Some Extras

The smaller features of EiraIRC include name colors (either op-only or for everyone), a different color for emotes (might be nice for the roleplayers!), chat aliases (can only be given by ops) and commands such as !who to find out who is currently on IRC / or if run with a bridge bot on IRC, who is currently in the game. Of course, EiraIRC has support forNickServ and private messages too.

Install EiraIRC Mod

  1. Download and install the recommended Minecraft Forge for your Minecraft version.
  2. Download the latest EiraIRC version for your Minecraft version.
  3. For Minecraft version 1.5.2, put it in the coremods folder. For 1.6+, there is no coremods folder anymore ? put it in modsinstead.
  4. Read the ?Compatibility? section to see if EiraIRC conflicts with any other mods you have installed and fix potential conflicts.
  5. Start the game and read the section below to learn how to setup the IRC connection.

Download EiraIRC Mod

For 1.8


For 1.7.10


For 1.7.2


For 1.6.4


Author: Blay09