EasyMenu Plugin 1.7.2

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Easy Menu

Did you ever wish there was a simple and quick solution to doing everything you need? Using several commands a lot, and want to be able to use them all really quickly without needing to type all the time? Well, i did. So i made Easy Menu!


(Red is not implemented yet and will come in future versions)

  • Open a virtual menu with clickable options to do everything you want!
  • Permissions
  • Toggle Night / Day, Weather, Restore Health and Food and set gamemodes (more to come)
  • Put a Menu chest in your inventory, so you can just click it to open it instead of typing the command!
  • Do configurable commands when a slot is clicked
  • Change blocks / items in the slots, names, lores etc. in config
  • Make menu size configurable in config

Commands and Permissions

Description Permission
/menu open Opens the virtual menu easymenu.open
/menu get Places a Menu chest in your inventory easymenu.get
Allows you to click on slot number # (Most left is 1, most right is 9 and removes the menu chest) easymenu.use.#
Allows you to use all slots easymenu.use.*
All permissions easymenu.*

Config and current slots

As i have just started making plugins 3 weeks ago, i haven’t read tutorials yet on how to make stuff configurable. However, i already made everything else needed for the plugin to work, so i decided to post it already. Configurable stuff will be added in the next version as soon as possible. Current options that each slot do are:

  • 1 ? Set gamemode to Survival
  • 2 ? Set gamemode to Creative
  • 3 ? Toggle Day / Night
  • 4 ? Toggle Weather
  • 5 ? Heal and feed yourself
  • 9 ? Remove the Menu Chest out of your inventory


# Make everything configurable, including names, display blocks / items, commands and messages
# More options
# Configurable menu size
# Sounds? Mmm.. opinions?

Feel free to leave suggestions or comments. I love suggestions and i will read all of them. Also, if there is a bug, please tell me as soon as possible, either by commenting or making a ticket. If you feel generous, and want to buy me a Pizza, consider donating : )

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Credits: NomarTheHero