EasyFreeze Plugin 1.6.4

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This plugin offers a completelightweight, and easy to set up freezing option. It’s function is simple: It keeps players from moving. You can use it as a punishment for hackers, freeze the entire server in case of grief (or if you are bored) or set the message displayed to forzen players to “none” and start trolling!

Commands and permissions

Command Description Permission Default
/freeze <target player> Freezes target player efreeze.freeze.(self/other) OP
/freezeall Freezes everyone on the server efreeze.freeze.all OP
/unfreeze <target player> Unfreezes target player efreeze.unfreeze.(self/other) OP
/unfreezeall Unfreezes players that were frozen by /freezeall,
not individually frozen players
efreeze.unfreeze.all OP
/freezereset Resets frozen player data (unfreeze EVERYONE) efreeze.reset OP
COMMANDLESS PERMISSION Keeps player from being frozen by
other players and /freezeall (Can still individually self-freeze)
efreeze.exempt OP
PARENT PERMISSION Gives all of the above permissions efreeze.* OP
PARENT PERMISSION Allows player to use freezing commands efreeze.freeze.* OP
PARENT PERMISSION Allows player to use unfreezing commands efreeze.unfreeze.* OP
PARENT PERMISSION Allows player to perform massive freezing efreeze.*.all OP


Everything I had planned is done, leave some comments on what you’d like to see on the next update!

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Credits: theluckyg