Easy Pvp Kits Plugin 1.6.4

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Easy Pvp Kits

This plugin is great for new and just starting kit pvp servers and this plugin allows kit pvp not to be complicated any more. The commands are really simple and this plugin shouldn’t interfere with any other plugins. Also it is updated regularly to fix any bugs. It comes with auto soup built in to make it simpler for new servers and new kits are always being added.


  • 5 Amazing Coded Kits
  • Integrated Instant Soup
  • Easy To Use Commands
  • 1 Kit Per Life Integrated
  • Simple Permissions
  • A Simple Reset Command
  • Small Data Space
  • Creates No Clunky Config Folder
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • No Hunger Integrated (With Permissions)


  • /pvp
  • /pyro
  • /archer
  • /heavy
  • /assassin
  • /kits
  • /reset


  • EasyPvpKits.Pvp
  • EasyPvpKits.Archer
  • EasyPvpKits.Heavy
  • EasyPvpKits.Pyro
  • EasyPvpKits.Assassin
  • EasyPvpKits.Soup
  • EasyPvpKits.Kits
  • EasyPvpKits.NoHunger
  • EasyPvpKits.Admin



  • Added No Hunger
  • Added New Permission: EasyPvpKits.NoHunger


  • Fixed Assassin Bug
  • Nerfed Assassin


  • Added new command /kits
  • Added new permission EasyPvpKits.Kits


  • Added Assassin kit
  • Added new permission: EasyPvpKits.Assassin
  • Added new command: /assassin


  • Added Insta-Soup
  • Added new permission: EasyPvpKits.Soup
  • Fixed /reset bug.


  • Added the pryo kit
  • Made archer have infinite arrows.
  • Added permission EasyPvpKits.Pyro
  • Changed archer’s sword to stone.


  • Cleaned up code.
  • Added new permission: EasyPvpKits.Admin
  • Added new command: “/reset [playername]” This clears a players kit and allows them to pick a new kit. You need to have EasyPvpKits.Admin to use this command.
  • Fixed error in plugin.yml


  • Minor Bug Changes
  • Message when they have no perms.


  • Release

Kit Descriptions



  • Stone Sword
  • Bow With Infinity 2
  • Leather Helmet And Leather Boots
  • Iron Chestplate And Leggings
  • 33 Soup
  • 1 Arrow


  • Diamond Sword
  • Full Diamond Armor
  • 35 Soup
  • Slowness 2


  • Stone Sword With Fire Aspect 1
  • Bow With Fire Aspect 3
  • Full Chainmail Armor
  • 33 Soup
  • 64 Arrows


  • Stone Sword With Sharpness 1 And Unbreaking 3
  • Netherstar (When clicked it activates “Assassin Mode” which gives alot of buffs for 15 seconds makes them vulnerable for 10 seconds.)
  • Protection 2 White Leather Armor
  • 34 Soup


I am officially announcing that I will be starting work on Easy Pvp Kits v.2.0.0 This new version will be based off the old version but completely rewritten. Some features that I am announcing are going to be started to be worked on soon:

  • Cleaner and newer code.
  • Configable settings.
  • Sign Integration (Maybe)
  • And many more smaller features.

Also while I work on v.2.0.0 I will still be updating this to make sure no bugs or glitches occur. So don’t worry. I’m not forgetting about this. ?


  • Donating speeds up future development.
  • If you use and enjoy the plugin please feel free to donate.
  • If you are making money using my plugin please feel free to share and donate some of it.
  • Donating really makes me happy.

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Credits: 22vortex22