DomsCommands Plugin 1.6.4

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About Dom’s Commands

Dom’s Commands is a plugin (Similar to Essentials) that provides basic command support for players. Dom’s Commands is designed slightly differently, as Essentials tends to just read and write to files, Dom’s Commands will stay in memory until a save occurs.

Main Features

Currently Dom’s Commands has the following Features:

  • Custom Chat Channels
  • Over 70 Different commands
  • Smarter TAB Completing
  • Custom Help and Rules
  • Lag Assisting threads that will run the garbage collector when necessary.
  • Kits, World Seperated Inventories, Warps, and Homes, with Tab Completing options for all
  • Custom Join, Leave, Kick, Welcome, New Player, Server shutdown and motd Messages
  • Full Punishment commands (Similar to my SELBans plugin, but with YML instead of SQL)
  • Integration with Vault and Villages (Plus more to come)
  • Away (AFK) timer, auto kick, custom commands that cancel and don’t cancel, custom kick and warn messages
  • Shutdown Commands that run when /stop is run
  • Safe Teleport Locations, stop players teleporting into blocks
  • 1.7 Ready, Not using Item IDs but instead using Item Names
  • Offline Player support, such as teleporting to offline players, setting their nickname and viewing settings
  • Overriden commands that can be overriden by other plugins
  • Efficient, Recognising more common players and making them faster to find by the plugin, plus we’re constantly tweaking the code to maximize efficiency and keep the server operating smoothly.

Plus more to come soon!

Planned Features

Many Features are still in planning and will be worked on over time, the follwoing commands are planned with many more in development already.

/punishments [type] [player]

And Many Many more things to come!

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Credits: DOMIN8TRIX25