Defender Mod 1.6.4

Defender Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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Defender Mod 1.6.4

In Defender Mod, you can create defenders to help guard you from all the evil dangers of the night.

Also, you won’t be so lonely in single player.
For some reason, Defenders hate Iron Golems?
If you hit them, however, they will no longer fight for you, and attack you if you get to close
  • Spawnable Defenders that look like Steve.
Recipe: Egg + Gold
  • Defenders can be equipped with armor, just toss it to them!
  • Defenders follow you if you are holding gold!
  • Defenders ignore creepers, they don’t want to blow up your stuff?.
  • They attack every hostile mobs excluding creepers & ghasts




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For 1.6.4

Author: Beardielover