DecorHeads Plugin 1.7.2

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Current Version: 0.5

DecorHeads (by felixferr0w) is a fun and useful plugin that utilizes special player heads as decoration.

Decorheads gives you the option of spawning your own player head, spawning other peoples player heads, or using specific player heads from our database (being implemented gradually) that have specific designs such as miniature Minecraft blocks (eg. dirt, grass, glowstone, etc?), extra blocks that aren’t in Minecraft (eg. Televisions, Toasters), other blocks with specific themes (eg. PokeBalls from Pokemon, Mushrooms from Mario, etc?) which are based on players skin ? Some examples of decorheads that will be included in our database are shown above (PokeBall, Small Pile of Books, Television, Villager head, Miniature dirt block) and much much more!

Over time, as the community contributes, we shall add more heads to our database!//

This plugin was created to help players use player heads to broaden and enhance their designs/builds.

Commands and Permissions

/head [player] ? Gives the sender a player’s ([player]’s) head in as a DecorHead ? NODE: decorheads.head /headload [name] ? Gives the sender a default head from our database ? NODE: decorheads.headload N/A ? Grants the user the ability to look-up the player names of heads by right clicking with a Blaze Rod ? NODE: decorheads.headinfo


Just simply drag and drop the decorheads.jar file into your plugins folder, and restart/reload the server.

Current Features (Version 0.2)

  • Ability to spawn in a specified player’s head.
  • Configuration file added in preparation for our Database -> NEXT UPDATE
  • Player Head owner names are masked
  • Permissions for each command

Planned Features

  • Implement head categories and decorheads database
  • Allow original names of head owners to be seen by people who have permission



We are currently looking for people who are willing to contribute heads to be added to our database. If you would like to contribute player heads for the DecorHeads database, please message felixferr0w. All help appreciated.

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Credits: felixferr0w