Deathmatch ? PvP Training Plugin 1.7.4

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PvP, without losing your stuff. If you die, you will just respawn and you are ready to battle again.


I came up with this idea because I just realized I suck at pvp. I searched EVERYWHERE on the web for a server that have “pvp training”. So you could basicly call this plugin pvp training. I also searched for a plugin that had this feature but no.


  • Lose nothing on death while in arena.
  • Nothing drops when killed.
  • Respawn in arena spawnpoint.
  • Damaged stuff will stay damaged, they will not get repaired after death.

More to come.


Command Permission
/dm join deathmatch.join
/dm leave deathmatch.leave
/dm reload deathmatch.reload
/dm setspawn deathmatch.setspawn


Permission Command
deathmatch.join /dm join
deathmatch.leave /dm leave
deathmatch.reload /dm reload
deathmatch.setspawn /dm setspawn


  Teleport Delay:
    Enabled: true
    Seconds: 4
    x: 1
    y: 120
    z: 0
      ==: Vector
      x: 5.554546869238659E-17
      y: 1.0
      z: -2.577014482686787E-17
    World: worldname
  - testplayer_inthe_arena

  • Settings.Spawnpoint ? This is the spawn where you will spawn when you type /dm join or when you die in the arena.
  • Settings.Spawnpoint.Direction ? This is the direction you will face when you spawn, it may seem messy but it will be auto when you do /dm setspawn.
  • Settings.Spawnpoint.World ? The world name where the arena is.
  • Settings.Teleport Delay ? Kind says itself, if you type /dm join there will be a delay until you teleport if it’s enabled.
  • Arena.Players ? The players that are in the arena. This is needed so you can’t make a huge exploit.

ToDo List

  • Implement so you can create arenas.
  • Configurable stuff that will drop and what will not drop.
  • Stop teleporting to arena if you move

[|] = (Yellow) Is being worked on.
[|] = (Green) Will be added/Is already added.
[|] = (Red) Is not being worked on.

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Credits: addemod