Death Plugin Plugin 1.7.2

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Death plugin

This plugin adds a feature so when you die, you will fly up into the air, be struck by lightning, and become banned on this plugins implemented ban system.

Live Changelog

For version 1.01

Update Phase: Released to bukkit!

  • Added more in-depth permissions! (deathplugin.ban, deathplugin.unban, deathplugin.reload)

Commands and Permissions

Command Function Permission
/dp ban (player) Bans the player deathplugin.ban
/dp unban (player) Unbans the player deathplugin.unban
/dp reload reloads the plugin deathplugin.reload
/dp version Shows the plugins version No Permissions
The player bypasses the ban (dies normally) deathplugin.untouchable
All permissions deathplugin.*


Configuration is fairly straight forward.

  • BroadcastDeath: Does the plugin broadcast the death to the server?
  • RemoveFlyingY: Could cause less lag. The player will not fly up into the air, but will still be hit by lightning.
  • DeathTimeInSeconds: The time in seconds that the player will be banned on after death. (Default 30)
  • BanMessage: If a banned player tries to rejoin the server, this message pops up.
  • DoesPVPBanPlayers: You will only be banned by environmental deaths (PVP doesn’t ban).
  • DisabledWorlds: Worlds that this plugin is disabled in
  • FlightSpeedMultiplier: You can make the player flight up slower or faster with this.
  • PlayerOnBanMessage: The player will see this message when he dies.
  • IsHoldingHeightEnabled: Once the player reaches a particular height, does he keep going or stop?
  • MaxYValue: If he does stop, whats the y value?


To get support for this plugin, comment on this page or pm me :).


There is a developer message that shows if I join a server with this plugin! This is a feature that might be removed. Also, in version 0.10+ there will be plugin metrics! I will show the statistics soon!

Please also note that if you do not have the best server, the flying y will appear to be buggy. The only way to fix it is to disable it or add more ram to your server!


  • Timed Bans (One day bans, etc)
  • Life system
  • Suggestions?

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Credits: pogo4545, dome77