Custom Hat Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 933 views |

Put blocks on your head! Custom Hat allows you to put the current item in your hand into your helmet slot. By using Bukkit’s built-in permissions system, you can define who can put what, and whatnot, on their head, per player, per group, per world. Which means a lot of control over who can use Custom Hat. Want to only allow wool on Guest’s heads? No problem.

The command for Custom Hat is /hat. Upon running the command in-game, Custom Hat will automagically take the item and swap it with the item in your helmet slot, so nothing gets lost. Custom Hat has a in-genius permissions node to restrict access. If you want a group to be able to use all blocks and items as hats, use the permissions node “hat.*”. If you would like to restrict access and only allow wool, use the permissions node “simplehat.35?. You must use the item id, not the item’s name.


  • Put any type of block on your head.
  • Extremely lightweight and memory efficient.


  • /hat ? Swaps the item in your hand with the item in your helmet slot.

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Credits: jessedz