CronoGames Plugin 1.7.2

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CronoGames it’s my KitPVP plugin based. What KitPVP means? The KitPVP is a Player(s) vs Player(s) where your stuff is in a Kit. Your Inventory changes in the KitPVP but when you come back in the spawn(or in the spawn’s world) or when you die it restores automatically.

Available Kits:

1. Default Kits:

  • Knight -> It’s an Attack based Kit, with a medium defense.
  • Archer -> This Kit is not very strong, but you can kill others and steal his stuff! This Kit contains a Gold Sword too.
  • Ninja -> I’m Sorry but this Kit is under maintenance D: [Available in v2.1.1]
  • Magician -> It’s not very strong without its Potions! But with it’s Unbeatable!!
  • Guardian/Tank -> It’s a Defense based Kit, with a medium-lower attack.

2. Unlockable Kits:

  • Master -> A powerful Kit, Attack based and Defense based both! It’s Diamond Axe destroys all! [200 Kills in KitPVP]
  • Supreme -> The Killer of all. Attack based and Defense based both! It’s Diamond Sword kills all the players! [500 Kills in KitPVP]

3. Vip Kits:

  • Inferno -> I’ll burn you! This Kit is Fire based with a strange and strong power in it’s Fire.
  • Poseidon -> I’ll refresh you! This Kit is thorns and knockback based with a strange and strong power in it’s Water.

Yes, there are 9 Kits! Which one is different from the others.

How to do KitPVP?

Do a KitPVP based arena is very easy, follow all this steps:

  1. Create or import a world and, then, rename it’s folder in “KitPVP”.
  2. If the Arena is not created, you should create it.
  3. Place the plugin in the plugins/ directory.
  4. Save and reload/restart the server.
  5. Create a “warp kitpvp” and into this warp place Signs -> CronoGames <> KitPVP <> Join <> Kit. I post screenshots below the steps.
  6. In the Config file there’re coordinates where you spawn in the KitPVP, change those in the coordinates the Arena is placed.
  7. Reload the Config with /gamesreload and you’re done!

[Note: To enter into the KitPVP right click a KitPVP’s sign]

[Note: The Signs which contains Vip or Unlockable Kits can’t be accessed if you don’t have permissions or kills.]

Sign Screenshot


kitsel -> Alias for /warp kitpvp

kitpvp -> Alias for /warp kitpvp

gamesreload -> Reloads the config file.

kills -> Usage /kills: View all the kills of all the players. Usage /kills <player>: View all the kills of that player.

saveInventory -> This command is only run from the Internal Server for save players Inventories.

getInventory -> The same of save but it’s for get the Inventories.

Permissions -> Add this permission to all VIP groups in your server to have them access to the VipOnly Kits.

cronogames.master -> Add this permission to have a player access the Master Kit. [Is default added when the player rewards 200 Kills]

cronogames.supreme -> Use this permission to have a pleyer access the Supreme Kit. [Is default added when the player rewards 500 Kills]

kitpvp & kitsel & kills commands can be used without permissions.

gamesreload command can be used only if you’re Op.

The KitPVP’s Signs can be placed only if you’re Op.


With the good method players can duplicate their Inventory! D: [Fixed in v2.1.1]


1. Reactive the Ninja Kit.====[Available in v2.1.1]

2. Add more Unlockable Kits :D. Please Post comments for ideas.

3. Enjoy.

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Credits: Cronos18