Cop Plugin 1.7.2

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(Commands for OPs)

Commands for watching players, hiding and unhiding from players, and checking player inventory and armor.


/cop watch {player}

? or ?

/cop w {player}

To hide yourself from a player then teleport to them

/cop return

? or ?

/cop r

To return to your last location and unhide yourself.

/cop hide

Hides yourself from all players, makes you invisible, removes your name from the players list, and sends a ?left the game? message to simulate quitting the server.

/cop unhide

To reverse hiding from the players, makes you visible, adds your name to the players list, and sends a ?joined the game? message to simulate joining the server.

/cop inventory {player}

? or ?

/cop i {player}

To see a list of all the items the player is carrying and the armor they are wearing.

/cop name {player_realname} {player_newname)

To change the player?s name. This is done via a Bukkit API, and only effects the on screen chat name, and the player list, not the player list accessed from the tab key.

/cop names

Resets all player names that were changed back to their real names. Only effects player names like the above /cop name command.

/cop speak {player} {message}

To make a player say something or to perform a command.

/cop list

To list all players that are currently hidden by Cop.

/cop alert {player}

? or ?

/cop a {player}

Sends a tone to a player and a red message ?[ALERT] from ? and the senders name.

/cop tones

? or ?

/cop t

Toggles on or off a player join tone that is sent you you.

/cop help

To see the syntax of all commands.


Allowed to use the watch command (default: op)


Allowed to use the hide and unhide commands (default: op)


Allowed to use the inventory command (default: op)


Allowed to use the list command (default: false)

Allowed to use the name and names commands (default: false)


Allowed to use the alert command (default: false)


Allowed to use the tones command (default: false)


Allowed to use the speak command (default: false)


Allowed to use the speak command on other players with the speak command (default: false)


Allowed to send commands via the speak command (default: false)

Allowed to use the help command (default: op)

Message Formating:

Default Join Message: $YELLOW$NAME joined the game.

Default Quit Message: $YELLOW$NAME left the game.

To change the messages see the Messages Section of the config.yml file.

You may use the following keywords within your messages, they must be in uppercase:


The <NONE> keyword is used by itself, and will tell Cop to not display a message.

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Credits: AxelDios